The Club
The Sidebanders DX Club was started by a couple of enthusiasts to have a place to meet, talk, and promote the hobby of DXing.  We exist solely for the love of radio and DXing and to have a place to hang out and enjoy the hobby.  Whether you’re a CB or Ham guy, advanced or novice, we hope that you’ll join us for some fun on our live chat board and out in DX Land.  We are a member driven club, so please feel free to give us your input and make suggestions.  As you look through the forum, everything you see here has been generated by the members.

Being a member based club, our rules are pretty relaxed.  All we ask is for you to treat others with the same respect that you would expect and extend the same courtesies you would expect on the air.
If you've talked to one of us or heard us out there, we'd love to hear from you.  Please stop by and say hello.  Just click the Guest Check In link in the navigation bar at the top to enter.

Club Actitvities and Membership
Whether you're a CB or Ham guy, join us for some good DXing and rag chewing on our forum and out in DX Land.  We are constantly striving to make the hobby of DXing more fun.  Whether it's relaying across the world between members, or real-time DX logging on our live chat page, we're just plain having a good time!  So fire up that CB or sideband rig, log into our forum, and join in on the fun.

We will be making quite a few changes over the next few months.  It will affect the way we accept membership as well as the way the club pages work.  Being a radio club, the focus will be on radio related activities, both on air and the club pages.  Being a club, it is a work in progress so membership participation and input is both welcomed and encouraged.